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"The best self-awareness and team building event I have ever done!"

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His Experiences

Photograph Rex Features 1986
  In 1990 John set up a world record for the first ever recorded crew to row from London to Paris in a whaler rowing boat. The picture of the team of police officers training in their rowing boat outside the Houses of Parliament during the day the hurricane hit London became a legendary classic picture for Life Magazine.

  In 2001 a John led a group of 17 year old students on a jungle expedition exploring deep into the heart of the Malaysian rain forest where Europeans had not entered for over 50 years. It was a life changing experience for the students and one they will never forget. In the words of one of them:

  John is no stranger to the desert. In 2001, he joined a team of rock climbers to explore some isolated rocky cliffs in ‘Wadi Rum’ in Jordanian desert – the famous lands of Lawrence of Arabia.

  John has been a climber since a young school boy. Having gravitated through ice climbing on the notorious North face of Ben Nevis, he graduated to the Alps. In 1983 , he achieve his ultimate ambition as a young man – to climb the Matterhorn.

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