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"A measure of its success must be the fact that people are still referring to the event some 3 years later!"

"Attendees refer to the event as a milestone event in their own careers." 

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Photograph Rex Features 1986
  In 1990 John set up a world record for the first ever recorded crew to row from London to Paris in a whaler rowing boat. The picture of the team of police officers training in their rowing boat outside the Houses of Parliament during the day the hurricane hit London became a legendary classic picture for Life Magazine.
Atlantic Rowing Challenge    
In 2004, inspired by press reports of Atlantic rowers, John decided to take on the hardest challenge of his life – to row an ocean, with a fellow adventurer, in a small two man rowing boat. He was at sea - often rowing in fierce storms – for 67 days. During that time he relentlessly rowed for two hours on and two hours off, never resting for more than an hour and a half throughout that period. They faced all that the ocean could throw at them and it nearly brought them to their knees.  

Despite this, their determination saw them through and they made it successfully from the Canary Islands to Barbados – 3000 miles of rowing without assistance. Remarkably they remained the best of friends throughout. He still retains the record of being the oldest Briton to row the Atlantic.

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Three Peaks Yacht Race
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