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"This shows to me what a good course is about, the fact that you are learning things about yourself and each other, but you do not realise this till the feedback time."

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  In 2001 a John led a group of 17 year old students on a jungle expedition exploring deep into the heart of the Malaysian rain forest where Europeans had not entered for over 50 years. It was a life changing experience for the students and one they will never forget. In the words of one of them:
"That was the toughest week I've ever had. My body felt it and my mind nearly lost the plot. Everybody managed it even though the strain shined through at times. The jungle is a bit like a big monster which won't let you in and won't let you out. It picks at your every move and bites you when you're down but most of all, and the most valuable thing is that it makes you feel more human than you could imagine. In the jungle you are weak and at the mercy of something far greater and stronger than you. At the same time it is truly the most magnificent environment I’ve been fortunate to be a part of."

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